Engineered in response to
 a notoriously inefficient component of the search process

Traditional assessment approaches are often cited by both candidates and clients as overly time-consuming, costly, inaccurate or embedded with bias.


Alongside the rigorous, chronological, structured interview approach you would expect, pltfrm has worked in partnership with a major consulting group to develop pltfrm foundations, our proprietary assessment tool. Every candidate recommended by pltfrm will have undertaken pltfrm foundations, at no additional cost.

Alongside the “Key 3” success factors that are role-specific, agreed during the discovery phase and assessed by the pltfrm Partner, pltfrm foundations places a forensic lens and metrics on a candidate’s:

Digital Mindset


Extent to which the candidate displays the agility to think creatively, integrate data logically and arrive at solutions swiftly

Likelihood the candidate displays a current and future-facing approach towards technology, disruption and structural business-model change

Inclusive Leadership


Extent to which the candidate displays empathy, openness, inclusive communication and ethical propensity amongst other items 

Likelihood the candidate will recruit and foster a sustainably diverse organization beneath them

Pltfrm foundations is an integral part of our process and places quantitative data points on these two criteria, adding scientific rigour to leadership hiring.

Further, it is increasingly used by clients outside of formal search processes, as an additive component to their own internal promotion and succession processes.

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